Impact PipePower is an easy to use tool that simply attaches to Impact Wrench or Driver by a 13mm socket and will thread any conduit pipe up to 25mm in diameter. This gives you the ease of carrying a pipe threader and driver in the same piece of kit. Each kit is supplied with its own carrycase with 20mm & 25mm guides, 20mm & 25mm die and holder. Impact PipePower works off Impact energy of over 1000 bumps per minute, slowly turning the die and resulting in a neat and clean thread to the same standard as heavy machinery or traditional pipe threading.


20mm & 25mm size guide
20mm & 25mm HSS die
To be used on Impact Drivers/Wrenches over 180NM torque
Use with CT-90 Cutting fluid or Mechanical Tapping Oil (recommended)
Chrome Vanadium

Impact Technology has progressed to a revolutionary stage where these machines pump out over 1550 inch pound of torque with over 1000 bumps per minute. Using the Impact energy we’ve designed a threading tool that attaches by a 13mm socket and threads up to 35mm in depth along pipes.

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